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Karina has a book published called "The Black Forest" through Unistar.  
You can buy this book by clicking here which is a limited edition hardback.

Karina has been writing poetry from the eight of 8.  She created a poem at this age called THE MIDNIGHT HORSES.  This poem was read out when she was eleven years old at a poetry convention among poets a lot older in India.

She later won a competition and was given an award for "Best Young Poet" at her school and receiving a prize.

Coming from a literary background where her dad is also a published poet/writer, Karina developed her poetry skills since age 8. 

As well as "The Black Forest" she also hopes to release "Zenith" end of 2017.

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Examples of Poetry Written: 


The Black Forest:


It takes a seed to grow in charcoal light

The clarity of falling water soaking my hands

A running stream of abandoned beauty

In which the velvet green stones lay dormant


Silhouette of sticks framing the height

A hill of an ebony village lost in time

The pebbles of the pathway guiding the way

To the world behind gliding branches


A fairytale story where we watch from outside

The evergreen lasting from the icy winds

Yet the skies never lie with lilac decisions

And the black forest will never weep.


The Dream Is Ours:


I hear you calling my name,

Was the dream forgotten?

Breathing so slowly,

Like air has only one chance.

Wilted into water,

The tears from my eyes,

A smile of reassurance,

For we truly lived,

If only for a moment

Bleak days are rising

For purity never lasts

We are but only human

A degree of strength

In life's temptation

A balance of control

The search for freedom

That makes us whole

Beauty within us

Guiding our souls.

And I stand here

Hearing you call my name.

The dream is ours.

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Karina will be also publishing her new book ZENITH a new poetry book written in Winter 2017

"I am very excited in getting this book published as it touches on universal and spiritual concepts encompassing a variety of emotion"

Lyrics in Mindlapse and Lake Of Dreams are all written by Karina

I think for me, Mindlapse was my outlet to a lot of pain and anger I was experiencing at the time but some of the songs were very empowering.  For example FINALLY SURVIVE was about that battle between pain and over riding it and so with the lyrics I wanted to be able to display strength but equally reveal the battle you had to overcome because anger is a very natural emotion and to express it through music is a very healing and cathartic process.  For example with Lake Of Dreams, for me it was about love, romance, grief, heartbreak and equally strength to get over difficult situations we face with love.  There is also a spiritual dynamic there which I feel flows nicely with the lyrics and music although this record was a lot of softer than any Mindlapse record written.

Karina Sher - Lyricist/songwriter/vocalist  for Mindlapse & Lake Of Dreams