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Karina has been writing short stories, poetry, writing biographies, press releases, reviews, features, and interviews for bands since 16 years of age. 

Achieving A Grade in English Language, she writes beautifully and professionally.   

She has already been published as a poet for her book THE BLACK FOREST which is available to buy here

On top of this she is looking to also publish 2 books this year and in 2018.  One will be a new poetry book called ZENITH and the other is called VEGANIZE MY LIFE which will be available 2018.  

If you would like to see samples of Karina's work in terms of features and live reviews please go to www.ragebreed.com/features

I have two books I am looking to release this year.  One is called Veganize My Life which is a receipe book to show that not all vegan eating is just fruit and vegetables.  You can get a lot of meat and dairy substitutes that taste the same but are 100% cruelty free.  We live in an age where we have choice and harming animals I feel in my heart and gut is wrong and so it's a small sacrifice for ego and taste.  I am more guided to do what feels right.  Zenith is a book dedicated to universal and spiritual concepts.  There is some great poetry heading your way.

Karina Sher - Writer & Poet