Music : Art : Design : Poetry : Writing : Accounts : Philosophy : Life Coaching


Currently Studying:

  • Business Management & Accounting Diploma 
  • Spa Massage Masterclass Certificate 
  • Crystal Therapy & Reflexology Certificate
  • Vegan Nutritionist Diploma
  • Parapsychology Diploma
  • Graphic Design Certificate
  • TEFL Course 

Looking to do CIMA in accounting and a BA in Psychology as professional degree level qualifications.

Why So Many?

In school we learn about 8 subjects and then at A Level we do about 4 subjects and some of us go to university and do one subject.  I have a passion and thirst for knowledge and learning new skills.  The more equipped I am with knowledge then the more diverse my life is.  

I want to operate some things outside of accounts work and feel as if part of my role in life is to heal, to be creative and make a living out of it.  So I combine various skills and eventually want to be practicing as a side business with all the counselling, life coaching and alternative therapies. 

Event Management and Social Media Marketing is for events and promotion of my creative projects in music. 

Vegan Nutritionist Diploma is to learn a few skills for my book. 

I also want certification for Graphic Design and at some point in my life when I am older, would like to teach English abroad, preferably Thailand. 

Some people like to watch television but I like to learn a new skill.  My brain is always questioning.  I always want to know how or why.  There are no such thing as limitations when it comes to knowledge, if it interests you, learn it.