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My Philosophy:

The universe is made up of energy and this energy is everything that we see, touch, feel, hear and sense.  When we meditate we tap into source energy, consciousness that is a pure white light which does not judge but just heals, I call this safe energy. We experience this loving, healing and safe energy when we meditate through a process called creative visualization. This technique is often used by monks and science have been monitoring monks all over the world to understand how they are able to make these changes in their body by simple visualization techniques.  

Many spiritual people can see auras which is an electromagnetic field around the human body and it has different layers.  Once science used to dismiss this but now due to recent research there is an absolute certainty it exists. 

Many people ask me 

Why is it that some people can see energy such as orbs, auras or shapes of humans and animals and others can't?

There are some people awake and some that are not.  However all this is about is we all have access to open our third eye which is in the center of your forehead between the eyes.  What meditation does is open that eye and once that is open you will begin to believe in afterlife.  

For some people the notion of afterlife is very scary and it's outside the comfort zone and because it is, they are threatened and scared.  This is why a lot of people argue because they are simply afraid and when you are afraid you attack because you cannot understand this notion. So a lot of spiritual people are attacked verbally sometimes physically for speaking their truth and quite often are judged for their belief system.  

How I got into spirituality was because all my life, I would feel atmospheres, I would shut my eyes and see images and for a very long time growing up and moving houses and flats, I would get images of people who used to live there, dreams, orbs and in one case a very frightening spirit.  I didn't at the time know what was going on, only that I was getting external pressure on my skin, the electrical things were really firing and I was seeing all kinds of different colours of energy in the room.  On top of this many vivid dreams.  At the time, I thought I was going crazy.  Then I went and found a clairvoyant and a spiritual center and they confirmed the name of who I felt was around me without me telling them, and this spirit would not leave me alone. 

At the end of the session I was told, I was a natural trance medium and that I had a very special gift and I should not lock it up but use it to help others. 

What I learned during this process is that there are dark and light entities in this world and I learned how to ground myself and also protect and shield myself from any negative entities. For a person who is exposed to a world outside the human conditioning of people, it was a very difficult transition for me. I had to test myself so I went to the spiritual center and gave messages to people in the room of whom I did not know but in my head, I got dates, times, symbols, names and pictures of things or events. I delivered a message to someone I didn't know and I told her a date and a saw a bridge and car accident.  I saw flowers as a gift and this woman in the audience said that the date given was when her stepmother had died and was involved in a car crash and the flowers was a gift to say she was okay.  

I was asked to give a reading to stranger over the phone and I got pictures of an argument, 2 people, a red car, a child, lots of stress and the girl on the phone was shocked and she said, that I had just described the argument between her and her husband that morning on who was taking the child to school and the car they was red.  

Other times it's not been easy, I went to a flat and felt the presence of two people and mentioned the names and she didn't know.  2 months later she came to me in town and she said the names I had mentioned was the names of her great grandparents.  

When you have this gift it is very hard because sometimes you feel things you know others are feeling but they don't want to talk about it and being empathic can be hard in situations involving large crowds of people who use escapism and their outlet because you pick up on that energy. I have done many readings for people that have come out accurate. 

The underlying question that people ask is this.  

If there is a God why is there so much suffering in this world?  

We were created with darkness and light and we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are being guided through life in order to shape our souls so we are in tune with the genetic footprint of what we are supposed to this life.  Many people don't question why they are hear so they are going through life and therefore chaos hits them because they aren't doing what they are meant to be doing.  When we are doing things which don't match our genetic DNA of who we are on a human and spiritual level, life becomes difficult because we aren't doing what will make us happy.  So we go through life just existing but not really living. It is up to us to find out what makes us happy and go do that.  

What about money?  

A lot of people do jobs they hate because it pays better not because they enjoy the work.  Money is a man made business but we have to accept that this is how the world functions and balance is doing something for someone and getting something in return.  What we have to do is research what we are good at and find work which will meet the standards of what kind of money we want to make. When we are good at what we do and we enjoy what we do and we start making money from it as a living, we are able to align our spiritual and material world together in order to create balance.  Having no money means we can't do things we would like to do and some people are happy living on the breadline but some want a better standard of living.  There is nothing wrong with wanting a good life or a simple life but if you are earning billions of pounds, it is ethical to give some to charity, to those who are not so fortunate.  

So what is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life is to give yours a meaning.  There is a buddhist quote that says 

"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything and between the two, my life moves"

We know that we are tiny spec in the universe but we are part of consciousness and we can either give our lives no meaning or we can give it purpose and usually when we have undergone some difficult times in life we automatically blame God but we have to accept we were born with free will so negative things will happen from those in a lot of pain.  

Many people do not treat their conditions therefore we see a lot of people who are sick.  We have rapes, theft, pedophilia, murder, deception, abuse and violence and it is because something has gone wrong in their brains. However that person has a responsibility to self to get the help he or she needs if this kind of behavior is going on.  We have prisons for a reason to teach a villain what is wrong and right. Unfortunately when a child sees this type of thing in the family, they grow up with a lot of pain and anger so it is important to understand why things happen and this is why we have psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists for example. Some prefer alternative therapy and go to monks or spiritual healing such as reiki.   

So what are we?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are consciousness in a physical form of matte attempting to find our blueprint so we can experience to acquire knowledge.  I also believe we have light and darkness in all of us and different situations give you different intensities on how you react to a situation. For example yin and yang...yes that's us.  We have light to feel elevated, happy and joyful and negative for self defense and this is not to be abused. The laws of karma are real and what is sent out comes back to you. I believe in the power of positive yet realistic thoughts to help you conquer hurdles, reach for your goals, to use negative experiences as fuel for your artwork and creativity.  Maybe as fuel for sport, exercise, whatever you feel is right for you

I also believe once you have gotten over turmoil in life you can either be resentful or see them as learning experiences to make you wiser so you can be kinder and more compassionate to help others through their difficulties.  Some things take longer than others so it is important to express anger, pain and negative emotion in a healthy way.  It is through that release, you are able to understand, accept and begin to heal.

Do I believe in religion?

So the question is asked do I believe in a set of rules that help us to create a peaceful society?  I believe whether or not you believe in religion is this.  

Even if you did not follow a religion you would still have a different philosophy or perspective because we are born with different traits and characteristics and whatever you believe, is fine with me.  I believe in ESP, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Guided Meditation as much as I believe in Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and Science.  

I believe in life after death and I absolutely believe in channeling, healing and music meditation.  I don't follow a set religion personally but I want to touch up again on energy. I absolutely believe in safe energy and non safe energy whether that is in a person or what I call in external energy.  That safe energy presents itself in a way that is safe for the person. This is why people believe in angels through dreams.  Spirit communication takes place through dreams. I have a lot of premonitions.  I see a lot of signs such as the numbers 11:11, 333 and triple numbers. It is safe consciousness that is displaying itself in a safe way via angels for example that some people see. 

However just like good and bad people in real life, the same goes for afterlife.  Therefore it is important if you are going through an awakening of some sort, do not be afraid if you keep seeing triple numbers, double numbers, or streams of wisdom or quotes come up in your head.  Don't feel weird if you keep getting psychic dreams or pre-cognition dreams, even if you start seeing energy.  Monks often see auras, energies and daily meditate to keep their chakras  centered and balanced.  Remember however even when you connect to external energy, do remember to protect and ground yourself so you are able to handle living in the material world or you will have difficulty. 

Please click here for Peer Reviewed Research on ESP. 

Also I am a fan of a physicist called  Russell Targ:

Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser, and co founder of the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s.
http://www.espresearch.com.  At the Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s and 1980s, Targ and his colleague Harold E. Puthoff co-founded a 23-year, $25-million program of research into psychic abilities and their operational use for the U.S. intelligence community, including the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency and Army Intelligence. These abilities are referred to collectively as "remote viewing." Targ and Puthoff both believe that Uri Geller, retired police commissioner Pat Price, and artist Ingo Swann all had genuine psychic abilities.[1] They published their findings in Nature[2] and the Proceedings of the IEEE.[3] From 1972 to 1995 the program was classified SECRET and compartmentalized with Limited Access. That is to say, the program was not only classified, but every single person who was informed about the program had to personally sign a so-called bigot list, to acknowledge that they had been exposed to the program data.

I believe that if people were exposed to knowing this information all the wrong doings would be exposed.  We are just energy which is being passed on in a different state when we die.  Our brains are like computers and we can tap into our spiritual energy.  Another example of spiritual energy is what we find with monks.  This video will also show how science studies what meditation can do and what benefits it can bring you.

Heaven & Hell

So earlier I touched up about this consciousness of pure light energy.  I call this white light energy Zenith, the highest point and I call hell the lowest point and I call it Nadir and believe it or not, you can experience this when you are living because heaven and hell is in the mind and unique to the person.  One person's heaven is another person's hell.  I believe therefore whatever we believe about ourselves is crucial to how our lives go. In terms of afterlife I believe we go where we think we deserve to go. 

If we feel we are unworthy of love, we will pick those that will think this.  If we feel worthy of love, we will pick those who believe it about ourselves.  Therefore for me, it has been a journey to overcome the negative that I have gone through in my life.  I have used it as fuel to create and inspire and it has helped me reached the goals in my life and in a strange way, if I hadn't have gone through these turbulent and awful times, it would not have motivated me to accomplish my dreams.  Yin and yang is the partnership of life.  One cannot exist without the other.  

 As energy presents itself differently to different people and where they feel drawn to or safe, I work with many different cards include psychic cards, tarot and angel cards.  It is all down to the person.  I don't do traditional spreads.  I just ask for messages for the person and my pendulum swings to the right card and then I will get visions.  In more detail, please see below blog.  Peace. xxx


Readings & Guided Meditations:

I just want you guys to know that I have done a lot of readings for people up to now and a few have given me some really positive feedback.

I work with different cards to suit different people.  Basically the principle is the same.  

I connect with some kind of energy and I get visions as I am doing the readings.  I use a pendulum over the cards and it swings for the right card.

People think you must know everything about them. This is not the case.  You are just shown visions inside your mind. I do however see auras on people. In some cases blocks of energy in a shape of a human behind them or sitting next to them. I then get shown things when I close my eyes and visualization. I may get a name or a sign or a scenario for example.  It doesn't mean I know everything about everyone, I am shown what I am meant to be shown and what I should pass on to that person. That is my service to humanity. I feel I have been given this gift for a reason. To help people.

It is important to stress this is not a dial up service with spirit.  You will be given when you are meant to pass on. It's not like you can find out what the lottery numbers.  It doesn't work like this.  This is communication with external energy and it should be respected as such.  Sometimes I see nothing, sometimes I see specific things which I relay to people when giving a reading.  I see death as the next stage not the end because I feel spirit around me and it is important for those who feel that external energy to meditate regularly and ground yourself. This is why I 100% believe in afterlife.  


Spiritual Qualifications 


"I went to see Karina for a reading as I know how trustworthy and caring she is. To begin with I did feel a little nervous as the whole process was new to me. Karina instantly put me at ease. To begin with she described to me that she could see countryside and fields. Unknown to Karina this described perfectly to me my dads final resting place. My main reasons for a reading was to get some guidance on issues relating to my pregnancy. The first card that I was shown related to pregnancy or new life. While this shocked me I was also a little bit in awe. I had not gone into great detail why I wanted a reading so this was great to see. The messages that Karina gave to me have helped me make some difficult decisions that I probably wouldn't have had the courage to do before. As a result I believe I am in a lot happier place now and looking forward to my new life with my son. I can not recommend Karina highly enough. An extremely kind hearted lady with an exceptional gift. Thanks Karina you will never know how much that reading meant to me."

- Katie Calvert

"Karina's reading of my past was scarily accurate, presenting the problems I had with being bullied, the pain caused by my father, previous heartbreaks and the circumstances of my current relationship. I would recommend a reading with Karina, but prepare for the past to be dug up.  In terms of the guided meditation we did afterwards, I felt cleansed of bad feeling."

- Thomas Clark

"I am always quite skeptical when it comes to readings and quite defensive as this type of thing conflicts with my belief system but the girl was accurate and she picked up on a lot of things which no one could have known.  I have asked to not have my name put on there for privacy reasons but she has one exceptional gift and it has made me a lot more curious about the concept of afterlife as that pendulum was swinging away and there was no apparent force from her hand."

- Client

"She described two people that have passed on, one was my step mother and the other was my grandfather.  She got everything right when it came to my current relationship.  She pin pointed specific things that I was quite amazed at that she could not have known.  Just wow!  Great reading Karina, I have always believed in afterlife but this confirmed it for me."

- Client

"Karina has done a few readings in the past. There is something very spiritual and intuitive about her readings. They always reveal something in my life be it past, present or future. She is always able to pick up on feelings without me leading her to her conclusions. A gifted and lovely lady x"
- Abi Masih

"It was totally correct...thank you so much dear"

- Gakul Swargiary

"I am a little freaked out.  That was a bit too spot on haha!  There were specific things that no one knows about that you got pretty much straight away.  I am a bit lost for words K."

- Client 

"Absolutely brilliant.  It was emotional to say the least but I like that I barely spoke and you pretty much did all the talking so I didn't let on anything.  You got so much right and it's helped me see things from a different perspective certainly. I am a skeptic about these things and I won't pretend I thought it would be like a horoscope thing but this is on a different level.  You really delved into some things that to me, no one really knows about. To get an argument right and describing the surroundings when it was only me and that person there is pretty overwhelming.  Getting things about personal things right that I haven't even told people close to me about.  It has made me rethink a lot about the concept of afterlife.  I will be researching a lot more on afterlife and metaphysics I think as this has opened up my curiosity and I am eager to find out more.  Wow well done Karina! A true gift!

- Client 

"Not only are Karina's readings always 110% accurate, she always gives sound advice and guidance which is always positive and constructive. I would not have been able to pull through many of my difficult situations and obstacles without Karina's beautiful gift and her beautiful soul."

- Nisha 

"I wasn't sure whether to have one or not as I am not really a believer in these kind of things.  Completely accurate and about specific things that no one could have known about.  Wasn't vague, there were things described to me which had happened that morning.  Yes.  There is definitely something in this and it has awakened curiosity to metaphysical ideology. Thanks Karina, great reading.  Great gift."

- Client

"Fantastic reading, well done and really impressed to the content and detail without me saying anything until the end"

- Client 

"Spot on with that"

- Client

"I'm so glad I took your advice from the reading, things are happening like you said they would."

- Client

"Just how did you know that?  Blown away.  That's really specific too.  No one could have known that!  You got the name right too.  You have a gift, that's for certain."

- Client