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From the day her mother Serinda Shergill held Karina in her arms when she was born, the first thoughts that entered her head was that she had to call her something pretty just in case she became a famous singer.  

Later Karina discovered there was more to her name.  Karina means "pure hearted" and "of songs" and her middle name Aminder means "elements of nature" and her last name originated from Punjab, India  from her dad's hometown in Amritsar which meant "lion"

Karina would always get selected to do solo parts at schools growing up, often in plays and in choirs or big events.  She performed a solo performance at De Montfort Hall at the age of 11 and another event at her school performed "The Nightingale" at Loughborough High School.

During her years growing up, Karina's first love was the piano but later on discovered the guitar.  She loved to play both and when she ended up in Leicester Grammar School, her first band Silver was a covers band.  

However she managed to put a serious band together as she had written music of her own and her first band Neutral Shade was discovered by David Begg at HTT Records. He wanted to sign Karina as singer and songwriter and it was through him they discovered John Mitchell at the Outhouse Recording Studio in Reading.


Karina was 16 years old was the band went their separate ways and she and her then partner Gaz created Mindlapse.  An experimental rock and metal band with her as vocalist.  

With each release there were different line-ups put her first single got a KKKK review from Kerrang Magazine and was compared to Tura Satana/Manhole who at the time was the only female metal group at the time.  They were in features in Metal Hammer, Cop Out, NME plus had many radio interviews. 

Record labels became sniffing around and they even got into the Top Ten Artists to listen to from the BBC Rock Charts along with bands such as Marilyn Manson and Hole. with Chaz Carol (RIP) who later agreed to be their agent.  

Through him they were able to meet their idols and give them a copy of their music including frontman "Rob Flynn" from Machine Head.  "Benji" from Skindred also put his name down on the mailing list.  

Very soon the band ended up having support slots with big names in the industry including Napalm Death, Skindred, Ill Nino, Rachel Stamp, In Me, Medulla Nocte just to name a few. They met Tarrie B from My Ruin, Spineshank, Jack Osbourne, Dani Filth, Prodigy, Derek from Sepultura, Pitchshifter, One Minute Silence just to name a few. 

As the band developed her tastes in music, the more well rounded the sound became and it wasn't until "Souls For Sinners" she was invited for an interview with Malcolm Dome at Total Rock Radio and he played each track of the EP.  He sang praises of the EP and through this interview, Mindlapse created the perfect dynamics between melodic and heavy.

"Think the ferocious death growling of Angela Gossow and couple that with Crisina's beautiful melodic voice and imagine music which is very much like Opeth and you have the Souls For Sinners EP in a nutshell" -  9/10 Metal Blaze

Through this EP they secured a tour with Cancer, Insomnium, Gutworm, Cruel Humanity and did a UK tour in England's most prestigious venues such as Nottingham's Rock City, Sheffield's Corporation, Bradford Rio, Camden Koko supporting Napalm Death on an all dayer. 

They recorded a more heavier death metal orientated single with a hint of doom for the tour. Unfortunately the band after this experienced further line up changes and even though a new line up was put together, it was not able to revive.  

On a personal note, Gaz and Karina divorced permanently.  Nish, one of the former members died in 2016. It was a tragic loss for everyone. Karina decided to lay Mindlapse to rest.  

She has put an album on to purchase nearly all Mindlapse material online via ITunes which is also available to stream via Spotify so fans who want to buy or hear still have access to the music. 

Mindlapse is now a chapter closed.


LAKE OF DREAMS (Solo) 2016:

During the course of Mindlapse, Karina had written some beautiful music which was more in line of bands such Anathema, Opeth, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Dead Can Dance and she wanted to explore the more peaceful and softer side to the music she was created.  As became older, the more spiritual she became and was more in tune with harmonious guitars and ambient atmospheres.  She was drawn to bands such as Southern Isolation, Aleah from Trees Of Eternity, Wardruna, Faun, The Moon & The Night Spirit and felt more at home with the acoustic.

It wasn't until 2016 in May she recorded Lake Of Dreams "Lake Of Dreams" (self titled EP) with John Mitchell back at The Outhouse Studio in Reading. Delighted with the result, she released the EP online which is available to buy from Itunes and is due to release it in 2017 as a CD once it has been mastered. 

She will be bringing on board live musicians for her solo project and will be performing the EP live in November this year. So far the EP has received excellent feedback and the future is looking very exciting indeed. 

"A beautiful harmonious EP which also encompasses the elements of nature.  A must have for those who enjoyed the likes of Anathema, Opeth (Damnation), Lacuna Coil and Faun.  A work of art and I can see Lake Of Dreams doing very well indeed."  - Independant Sound UK



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Lake Of Dreams "Queen Of Heart" written and sung by Karina Sher