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Karina created Ragebreed to assist the development of unsigned and underground artists through 

  • Events, 
  • Tours, 
  • Newletters, 
  • Advertising, 
  • Interviews, 
  • Promotions
  •  Club nights
  • Online team
  • Training
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Starting out as a hobby, the project grew.  Her aim was include fans of the music to assist with the progression of these artists that were overlooked by some promoters because they didn't have the exposure to be booked so with the help of a voluntary street team, they were able to put these shows on and promote through their original methods. 

They did this via The Shed via a monthly event called AGGRESSION DOWNLOAD. In the process she provided free training for staff and rewarded them in ryders and  a place to stay. They did not make enough for these shows to warrant big wages as it was only one monthly event and the staff were discounted on top of which half the profit on the door went to the venue.  They just about covered costs.  At this point in time, Ragebreed was operating out of passion and strong friendships helping the underground scene grow. She trained the more ambitious types and hopefully was looking to grow and expand the company. 

Karina provided free training to friends to assist on this venture. This meant those of no experience learned how to book events, how to manage events, promote and eventually the select few were able to book gigs and events and through a contract with Redeemer and Leicester Square with the event HADES GATES
Karina decided to take the contract on so her staff were able to be paid directly from the venue as the venue had the budget to do so and she wanted her friends to be able to get paid for what they were doing.  Sadly the venue had cuts and agreed to pay certain staff and would not pay for roadies and photographers in the end. 

Karina then decided to assist other venues also and also started up a night called THE WOLF'S LAIR which was in association with RETRIBUTION.

Then she was invited to host TERRORIZER MAGAZINE'S project called TERRORIZER GRINDHOUSE which Karina held at The Shed and later the FIREBUG in Leicester

Karina then ventured into more events such as RAGEFEST, BRUTAL FEST AND SHADOW FEST UK among others and eventually set up a monthly club night called RAGEBREED CLUB NIGHT at Venom Nightclub but then decided to end in December 2015 at Venom Nightclub.  


Karina and James Russell ended up interviewing legends VENOM INC the founding members of Venom at their show in London.  On top of which, herself and Danny Sanderson have been reviewing different bands to encourage promotion of underground and live music.  To view the site please click here.

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In 2005, Karina received an e-mail stating that Candlelight Records band INSOMNIUM liked the Souls For Sinners EP by Mindlapse and would like to do a UK tour.  Karina went to work and created an awesome line-up.  

Ragebreed in effect was responsible for Insomnium's first UK Tour and created the line-up below:

In 2006, Karina put Omnium Gatherum (Candlelight Records) on tour with Black River Project + support in each city.  



Karina decided to put on a club night for the underground rockers and metal heads.  This became affiliated with BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL and Rob Bannister kindly performed a set for the club to assist the night. 


Karina decided to create a classic rock and grunge alternative night at Revolution bar.  However was struggling to deal with different club nights monthly.  It was then decided to move Headbangers, Riff Raff and put them under one roof which happened in January 2015.  


Karina decided rather than having different monthly club nights which may affect other promoters to put all of them under one roof at Venom Nightclub.  Managing up to 34 staff including door staff DJS and online team, 2015 saw a brand new monthly club night for Leicester.