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Karina Sher is currently working as an Artist and Graphic Designer.

She is good at creating artwork and working with graphics to produce quality artwork and designs for companies or for her own work.  She uses Adobe Photoshop and other programs to create what is right for the project.  She has produced many pieces of art.  Also has created many flyers, menus, posters, logos, and various designs.

Feel free to browse her Graphic Design site here and feel free to add her Facebook page here 

Karina A Sher - Artist   

Karina has a GCSE in Art and also was studying Art in College. Her favorite artists are Rassouli, Dali and Leornado De Vinci.  Her artwork is a mixture of all three combing abstract, surrealism and impressionism which together combined she uses aspects of each artist to create her own unique style. 

Media have described her work as "outside the box" and "brilliant and different" and she has been selected as one of the top artists in Leicester in Aspire Magazine.  Her work will be featured in the magazine itself which will cover a client reader base of over 1.5K

If you would like to view her artwork please go to her Facebook page here

She is currently selling prints of her artwork for £10 each + £1.99 for P&P and accepts payment via PayPal and Debit/Credit Card payments.


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KARINA SHER has been published as one of the top ten artists in Aspire Magazine in Leicestershire

Karina Sher has been designing posters for my music promotion company for the last two years. 
I've found her work to be exceptional and her approach to be very professional. 

Karina utilities a variety of different styles, each reflecting the genre of music that the work corresponds to.  

I would heartily recommend Karina to anybody.

                Phil Core, Torturous Promotions