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Karina Sher prides herself on being anti-prejudice. 

"Prejudices are for limited minds.  There is a serious lack of empathy for all human kind.  We may belong to different religions, races, social groups but we must learn to live and let live for the sake of tolerance and peace.  We must learn to agree to disagree on things we cannot agree on instead of attack. The most beautiful thing we will ever learn in life is to learn from each other.  Racism, sexism, homophobia, class prejudices is all wrong. 

Someone said to me, can you judge a wealthy person on his heart or his money?  My response was, if a man is wealthy and has a good heart, he will be putting that money into providing a good lifestyle for his family and children.  He will do something good for the world.  If a man is wealthy with a bad heart, he will not care for anyone but himself and how to become richer without giving anything back.  This is a man that operates out of selfishness not love. Then you get the corrupt wealthy that will do anything for money, give nothing back and compromise their morals and integrity, these are sociopaths, crooks, narcissists and have no regard for human life but just control. You can equally get these personalities without wealth so to labeling all wealthy people is wrong too. 

If you are going to judge someone, judge them on their character because money can be lost, wealth can be taken away so it's about how you treat someone when you have nothing and when you have everything.  If you have everything and still treat people with respect no matter what background and remain the same when you have nothing, that is good character.  If you become a nasty person and cruel to others because you can, you are abusing your power.  Usually the universe will balance this out.  Karma is always present. 

A good wealthy person will put a percentage of their earnings to do good for the world.  An example are some actors that invest in veganism, do big charity work and actively try to operate from good in politics. People are entitled to their lifestyle but there is a social responsibility to give back to those who haven't had the same opportunities and upbringing. I am not talking about handouts but an idea of a system where poverty is decreased by this money and helping these people to become independent. 

I believe Labour policies can help deliver this.  We should not be in a position in 2017 to have a poverty issue.  Since homeless shelters were closed down the population of homeless has increased.  It is imperative that this poverty issue is sorted out. 

Racism has steered it's ugly head and invited prejudices to grow. Everyone is equal and those who believe in any race superiority are delusional.  We are the human race, we have a planet.  We can move where we want, as immigration has been an international thing.  It does not make you less of a person or be treated differently with less respect because you were not born in that country.  That is ridiculous but most racist people are ridiculous and have a small narrow minded brain instilled with prejudice and distorted self importance.  

Homophobia or any kind of sexism is not tolerated by me.  People were born this way and they deserve to be treated as equals.  There is no room for prejudices in my life and I have no tolerance for those that think it is okay to be cruel to others because of their lack of education, empathy and understanding.  I very often sign petitions to make my voice heard as I believe the route to all evil is through fear, ignorance and hate.  We need to stamp out the hate."